About Us

Revive - Empowering emotional change

VISION, Mission and Core Values


REVIVE aims to assist individuals and communities to be emotionally healthy in order that they effectively deal with life’s challenges.


To provide accessible and confidential emotional wellness services in order to facilitate and empower emotional change/emotional wellness through dialogue, support, care and expert training.



REVIVE aims to promote emotional wellness in individuals and communities through delivering trustworthy and confidential services.


REVIVE upholds the values of consistency of actions, methods, principles and morals which drive how the organisation delivers services to individuals and communities through honour, moral, spiritual, article values and principles.


REVIVE passionately commits to fulfil our mission.


REVIVE aims to:
Be proactive in the achieving the organisations goals and services.
Be willing to assist all individuals and communities towards change-oriented behaviour.

Human Dignity

REVIVE believes in instilling self-respect and self-worth in all individuals and communities we work with.


Background Information of REVIVE – Empowering Emotional Change

REVIVE - Empowering Emotional Change (previously known as LifeLine Port Elizabeth) was founded in September 1977 as a Training and Counselling organisation. Through all the years LifeLine Port Elizabeth has remained a movement of skilled lay counsellors who provide a 24-hour confidential counselling service to anyone facing an emotional crisis by means of our telephone or face-to-face counselling.

Through the years LifeLine Port Elizabeth continued its works as a training and mainly telephone counselling organisation and has extended our services in various areas to meet the need in the community to spread Emotional Wellness in as many communities as possible.

As times have changed, change within our organisation was also needed. LifeLine Port Elizabeth’s membership voted on the 23rd July 2013 in favour of de-affiliation from LifeLine Southern Africa and a name change of the organisation. This decision was taken at our Annual General Meeting on the 23rd July 2013 that LifeLine Port Elizabeth will now be known as REVIVE – Empowering Emotional Change. The new Constitution of REVIVE – Empowering Emotional Change was voted and adopted for at our AGM on the 22nd July 2014. Our official name change with the Department of Social Development came through on the 16th October 2014.

REVIVE – Empowering Emotional Change is a registered NPO (Non profit organisation), and a NGO (Non Government Organisation). REVIVE – Empowering Emotional Change has currently a permanent staff of 7, 2 contract staff and 2 contract trainers and approximately 35 trauma supporters/growth facilitators/lay counsellors. The Board comprises of the Director of REVIVE and 6 community/business members. Our Auditors are Grant Thornton, based in Port Elizabeth.

We work towards empowering community members to become emotionally well. REVIVE knows that it is in the family environment that children are born, nurtured, supported, cared for and provided with opportunities for growth and development, physically and emotionally, to become competent and productive adults. Therefore the family is the basic institution in society for the survival, protection and development of children, youths and the wider community. REVIVE would like to restore the ethics of care, emotional wellness and human development in our communities through urgent rebuilding of family, community and social relations in order to promote social integration and emotionally well communities.

Courses are currently only availble in PORT ELIZABETH and surrounding areas, but we are working on expanding our services to be more accessible.


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