Program Content

Topic covered

  1. The nature of HIV and AIDS and HIV and AIDS transmission
  2. HIV and AIDS prevention
  3. Signs and symptoms of STIs
  4. STI treatment for self and partners
  5. The Immune system
  6. Disease progression
  7. Human rights – and rights of workers in the workplace
  8. Common myths
  9. Vulnerable and affected groups in the community
  10. Benefits and consequences of HIV testing
  11. Pre- and post-test counselling - voluntary
  12. ARV’s, treatment and reproductive health – living with HIV and AIDS
  13. Treatment options and resources to go to

Learner Objective

Understand HIV Transmission and Prevention

Understand STIs and Treatment

Understand the course of HIV Disease

Understand the impact of HIV on vulnerable groups and the community

Explain the societal and workplace rights of people who are infected by HIV and AIDS


Questions and Answers

The training is very interactive and practical through various exercises and learning’s.

A well packed hand out with lots of information and resources will be given.

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