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REVIVE empowers communities through dialogues, participation, engagement, volunteerism, ownership and traditional credible services such as counselling, training and workshops, growth, HIV or AIDS and Gender interventions.

Trauma Support

When someone experiences a traumatic event their normal coping resources can become overwhelmed.  Not only can trauma counselling can help to deal with the immediate emotional aftermath following such an event, but  It is even possible for such a person to experience personal growth and develop stronger and better coping mechanisms for the future.

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Personal Growth Course

The Personal Growth Course is designed to enable us to discover, understand and accept others and ourselves. It is amazing what you will learn about yourself, why you think about certain issues the way you do or why you react to things the way you do.

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Free Counselling

REVIVE offers you the opportunity to talk about your problems and feelings in a confidential and safe environment. Our trained lay-counsellors provide emotional support and guidance in order to help you deal with crises and life challenges in a constructive manner.

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