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Our Services

We offer a range of emotional wellness services to community members and corporate clients which include trauma support and counselling, emotional wellness and personal growth programmes and various training courses.

We offer free counselling services to members of the community who have experienced a traumatic event, or are struggling to cope with any other personal or relational issues.  This service is made possible through our many trained volunteer lay-counsellors who devote their time and energy in the service of others.  This short term counselling service provides access to an essential service to those individuals and families who may not otherwise have been able to afford such a service.  Trauma support services are also available to organisations and coporates who would like to support their own employees through such an experience (please contact us for more information about the rates for corporate services).

Traumatic events and loss are common in people's lives, and according to the World Health Organisation about 10% of all people have witnessed or experienced violence, accidents, exposure to trauma or loss of a loved one.  While only a small percentage of people who have experienced trauma develop Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (about 3.6% of the world's population), it can be prevented in many instances through appropriate support and counselling.  In South Africa today, many people experience or are exposed to violence or trauma of some kind and can benefit from some form of support or counselling.

We offer a range of programmes for personal development and growth, such as the Personal Growth Course, Personal Breakthrough Course and Emotional Mastery Programme.  The Personal Growth and Personal Breakthrough Courses offer participants the option of continuing with the Basic Counselling Skills Course in order to become a trained volunteer lay-counsellor at REVIVE.  For more information, please consult the section on Training and Events or send us an e-mail at director@revive.org.za.

Vutha Ignite the Fire Youth Programme is offered on-site at schools and aim to reduce the high school drop-out rate of Grade 11 learners, and to provide them with a sense of hope and emotional intelligence in order to continue successfully with their school career.  Volunteer lay-counsellors also provide support to learners at schools, but special arrangements are made in those instances.

Despite the work that has been done in the past couple of years, South Africa continues to struggle to win the war against HIV and AIDS.  We provide short HIV/AIDS training courses for members of the community or organisations and companies who would like to be proactive in this fight against HIV/AIDS.  

According to the World Health Organisation over 800,000 people die annually due to suicide.  These are all preventable deaths.  REVIVE provides support and counselling to those who have been affected by suicide in some way, as well as training courses to community members and professionals on how to support and counsel people affected by suicide. 

As a PORT ELIZABETH based organisation we are currently only able to render counselling services within Port Elizabeth and surrounding areas, but are working to expand our footprint nationally.

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