The Personal Breakthrough Course is a personal growth group programme with a strong emphasis on identifying and breaking through personal obstacles that interfere with the individual's goals in life. Participants of this course work to identify specific obstacles to their growth and success, and then work in a focused and directive way to remove these obstacles in order to reach their goals. It may be applicable to either personal or work-related satisfaction. Some of the course contents include:

  • Setting well-formed outcomes for personal success – knowing what you are aiming for;
  • Identifying personality and interactional styles – knowing what you have to work with;
  • Identifying and removing personal obstacles that interfere with motivation to succeed;
  • Aligning personal values for motivation and drive;
  • Designing a plan for personal success, and
  • Coaching sessions to support each participant's journey.

Participants who successfully complete the Personal Breakthrough Course may also enrol for the Basic Counselling Skills Course, which would enable them to apply to become volunteer lay-counsellors at REVIVE.  For those who do not intend to become volunteer lay-counsellors, the Counselling Skills training provide them with critical communication skills that are useful both in their personal life as well as work-related environments.  

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