Trauma Support Training

Trauma within a South African context

When someone experiences a traumatic event such as a vehicle accident, crime, violence or any serious threat to their safety, their normal coping resources can become overwhelmed.  Trauma support and counselling can help to deal with the immediate crisis and trauma response, prevent the development of post-traumatic stress and even stimulate the development of personal growth and stronger coping resources for the future.

Trauma Support Work (Debriefing) Training
REVIVE offers Trauma Support Work training courses for individuals and organisations who would like to be better equiped to respond effectively to events of trauma.  This 2 day interactive workshop will equip participants with the knowledge and skills to respond to someone who has experienced a traumatic event by providing appropriate  support in the aftermath of the event.  When people experience a traumatic event, their normal coping resources will enable them to deal with and process the experience, and assistance during this time needs to be practical and primarily concerned with addressing concerns around safety.  It is important to ensure that the traumatised person(s) are connected with appropriate social support systems, and also to identify individuals who may be at a high risk for complicated recover, so that they can be referred for counselling.  

Trauma Counselling Training
REVIVE offers the Trauma Counselling Course as a follow-up training to the Trauma Support Work Training.  Whereas Trauma Support Work is focused on practical support during or after the traumatic incident, Trauma Counselling is offered for individuals who may not be recovering normally from the event.  The appearance of traumatic stress symptoms after a traumatic event is normal, but if those symptoms persist or worsen, counselling is indicated in order to prevent the development of post-traumatic stress disorder and to re-activate coping resources.  Since the trauma response is a normal coping mechanism in people, counselling is usually not offered directly during or after a traumatic event, and only when there are indications that the individual is at risk for a complicated recovery.  

REVIVE also offers trauma support and counselling for individuals or groups who have experience a traumatic event, such as a robbery, hi-jacking, drowning, or any other incident that is experienced as traumatic.

Trauma Support Work and Trauma Counselling courses are offered regularly, so keep an eye on our training calendar for more information.  These courses can also be offered on demand, so please to not hesitate to contact the director for more information at

Training courses are presented on a regular basis in PORT ELIZABETH, but can be presented in most other major centres depending on the level of interest and number of participants.

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