Vutha Ignite The Fire Youth Programme

This award-winning programme was developed to reduce the high drop-out rate among Grade 11 learners and to provide them with a strong sense of hope for the future.  This group work programme consists of 5 interactive and fun sessions that can presented on-site at schools by trained REVIVE facilitators.

Session 1: “Myself”

  • Set up of basic course and group norms and rules
  • “Don’t be afraid to risk” exercise
  • “I can’t …I won’t” exercise
  • Discussing the importance of confidentiality
  • You pie chart – wellness wheel

Session 2: “My Life”

  • The masks we wear
  • Secrets
  • How you see yourself vs how others see you – Johari’s Window
  • Feelings inventory and vocabulary
  • Journal of discovery
  • Faces of me

Session 3: “My Relationships”

  • Values - mine and my parents
  • Anger – communication style, coping skills, direct talk

Session 4: “Safe TALK”

  • Suicide introduction
  • Myths and Facts about suicide
  • How to assist someone who is suicidal
  • Emergency numbers

Session 5: “My Future”

  • My hand - 5 positive qualities that your group see in you, use it to impact your future
  • Goal setting – immediate, short term, long term

Aim of VUTHA Ignite the Fire Youth Programme

  • To introduce high school pupils to emotional wellness
  • To create an awareness of ones own emotional wellness
  • To improve the pass rate by addressing emotional wellness issues
  • To learn better ways of dealing with relationships

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  • Teen Counselling and communication Skills Course
  • Bullying
  • Peer Supporter
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