Basic Counselling Skills

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Basic Counselling Skills

Would you like to become a volunteer Lay-Counsellor at Revive? Our volunteer Lay-Counsellors provide many of the counselling services that we offer. This includes working with trauma, loss and grief, depression, anxiety, loneliness, relationship difficulties and many others.

During this exciting and interactive 8 week course, participants will gain knowledge and skills that will enable them to:

  • Develop the essential skills of an effective lay counsellor;
  • Assist counsellees in understanding and exploring their feelings,
  • Experiences and behavior;
  • Assist counsellees in identifying and exploring resources, options and possible outcomes for their challenges;
  • Refer counsellees to the relevant service providers when appropriate, and
  • Understand themselves and others on a deeper, more meaning level.

Revive follows a Person-Centered approach to counselling, which emphasizes that each individual possesses the capacities and abilities needed to grow toward wholeness and realise their full potential. Often, all that is required for people to begin fixing their problems and dealing with the hurt in their life is a supportive environment provided by someone prepared to listen and offer guidance.

Counselling Skills Course participants learn the finer points of successful communication as well as how to create a safe, supportive environment in which counselees can feel comfortable enough to express their issues. Building trust is an important part of any counselling relationship. Although people possess all of the insight and skills required to create positive change in their environment, they occasionally need the assistance and support of a counsellor to see through the “cloudy waters” and discover a clear path forward.

Lay-counselors adhere to a set of ethics and beliefs that emphasise the significance of respectful relationships and communication, and they seek to provide warmth, empathy, devotion, unconditional acceptance, and genuineness in each counselling interaction.

Next Course Dates:

Date: 9 May – 27 June 2024

Date: 12 September – 7 November 2024

Price: R1450.00


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