Counselling_no fee_ for community members

Support to Overcome Challenging Times

What is no-fee Counselling for the community?

If you are a community member, we offer you the opportunity to speak about your problems and voice your feelings in a confidential and safe environment with a trained lay counsellor at no fee. No-fee counselling is offered exclusively to community members and not corporations(corporates please see corporate services.

People seek counselling in order to deal with a wide variety of life challenges, such as:

  • Depression and anxiety
  • Feelings of helplessness or hopelessness
  • Having thoughts of suicide, or knowing someone who is having thoughts of suicide
  • Relationship difficulties
  • Having experienced a traumatic event
  • and many more…


The purpose of the counselling services offered by our lay counsellors is not to address long-standing psychological challenges, but rather to help clients deal with the immediate crisis at hand, and to mobilise their internal (emotional) and external (social) resources to cope more effectively with future challenges. In cases where clients require professional therapeutic services, their options are discussed with them and we provide an appropriate referral.

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