Trauma Support services

Trauma Support

When someone experiences a traumatic event such as a vehicle accident, crime, violence or any serious threat to their safety, their normal coping mechanisms can become overwhelmed.

Trauma support and counselling can help the individual to cope with the immediate crisis and trauma response, prevent the onset of post-traumatic stress and even stimulate the development of personal growth and effective coping resources for the future.

We offer trauma support services to corporate bodies and individuals. This service is offered through group or individual based counselling at a rate. It has been well researched that individuals who seek support after a traumatic incident are less like to develop PTSD.

Our Commitment

We are commited to being proactive to assist with regards to traumatic events such as

  • Robbery
  • Hi-jackings
  • Car-accidents
  • And more

Trauma Support Enquiry

Please allow for 2-3 days for a response time with regards to email queries and any urgent matters to please be conducted via telephonic call.

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