Personal Growth Course

Discover, understand and accept others and ourselves

Personal Growth Course:

The Personal Growth Course is designed to enable you to discover, understand and accept others and ourselves. Since the best learning and growth takes place through experiencing and doing rather than through passive listening and observing, our training courses are based primarily on trainee participation, group discussion and experiential learning.

Experiential learning is a process of making generalizations and conclusions about our own direct experiences. This course will, therefore, provide you with insight from which you can learn more about yourself and how you think, act and feel in various situations.

Topics and areas covered:

  • Acceptance of feelings
  • Responsible confrontation
  • The wheel of growth
  • Coping with loss and grief
  • Direct mutual talk
  • Methods of resolving conflict
  • Assertiveness
  • Respect for others

This course is an investment in yourself. You will gain emotional intelligence through a deeper understanding of yourself and others and will be able to communicate better with family, friends and co-workers.

See some of the comments received from past participants.

How to Register?

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“Becoming aware of my feelings and acknowledging them”

“That losing my father at a young age and growing up without a Dad had impacted my life more than I realized”

“Every session helped – taking off my masks, they had become a way of living”

“I learnt that holding onto past experiences was holding me back. I learnt that I need to change how I deal with my anger and conflict”

“That people see me differently than I see myself.”

“That it is OK to feel and be the way I am”

“That I forgot or compromised my values in order to accommodate others. Therefore learning my values once again was significant for me.”

“My best is all I need to do.”

“The course is a great initiative and I want everyone who is close to my life to attend.”

“I learnt that I am stronger than I think I am.”

“I thoroughly enjoyed the course – learnt a vast amount which will be of tremendous help in all aspects of life”


  • The course is restricted to those 18 years & older.
  • Engaging in this form of learning may be stressful, therefore, the course is not recommended for those experiencing severe stress.
  • Should you be in therapy, you will need written permission from your therapist to be handed in at registration.
  • Attendance of all sessions is compulsory. If more than one session is missed no certificate will be issued.

The Personal Growth and Counselling Skills Course run concurrently. This course is designed to train volunteer lay counsellors. However, people who attend the course with no intention of becoming lay counsellors benefit tremendously. The course is an investment in yourself. You discover who you are, your inner strengths and are given an opportunity to look behind all the masks you wear. The course enhances interpersonal relationships, increases self-confidence and improves communication and coping skills.

Next course details:

Date: 22 February – 11 April 2024

Other Dates: 11 July – 29 August 2024
Price: R1450-00
Locations: Microsoft Teams
Pre-bookings now available.

REVIVE- Empowering Emotional Change will present an 8- session , interactive and participative course. An experiential learning cycle approach is followed, in collection of small and large groups.
(A certificate will be provided upon completion)

Banking details:

Account Name: Revive – Empowering Emotional Change
Nedbank, Greenacres
Account number: 1005876711
Account type: Cheque
Branch code: 121617
Reference: “PGC and Surname”

Payment can be made electronically or by paying cash at our offices during office hours. Fees are non-refundable after Session 1.

Currently, our courses are only available in PORT ELIZABETH and surrounding areas.