Empowering Emotional Change

Free Counselling Services

The purpose of our free counselling services offered by our lay-counsellors is not to address long-standing psychological problems, but rather to help clients deal with the immediate crisis in their lives, and to mobilise their internal (emotional) and external (social) resources in order to cope more effectively with challenges in the future.

Trauma Support Services

Trauma support and counselling can help to deal with the immediate crisis and trauma response, prevent the development of post-traumatic stress and even stimulate the development of personal growth and stronger coping resources for the future.

Corporate Services

With our Employee Wellness Program, we offer a short-term confidential service for company’s employees experiencing difficulties that affect their lives and work performance. This program includes assistance with stress management, conflict resolution, grief, relationship difficulties and much more.

Community Based Projects

We offer an array of community-based programmes within the Eastern Cape area. We are an organization that strives for emotional change and wellness through dialogues, support and care.

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Please allow for 2-3 days for a response time with regards to email queries and any urgent matters to please be conducted via telephonic call.

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